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Boutique breeder of First Generation Cavoodles. The pups have beautiful temperaments, personalities and make great companions or therapy dogs.

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Cavoodle Breeder Qld

Our main goal at Serenity Bay is to produce happy, healthy, and well-adjusted Cavoodles who set the standard for the breed. We want every Cavoodle for sale in Australia to be well-bred and healthy and this beautiful breed recognised as purebred within Australia.

We have been registered breeders of Cavoodles for over 15 years. We perform health checks and DNA screening for genetic issues relevant to the breed for all our puppies.

View our Facebook page and connect with previous families who keep in contact with us and have and love our puppies. We stick with you throughout the whole process and keep in regular contact from when your puppy is born to when they have settled in and into the future (if you would like).

We are Vet Approved & Accredited and Ethically Endorsed by RightPaw, making our puppies the best choice as your new family member! Our Cavoodle puppies come in a range of colours.

Looking for Cavoodle puppies in Toowoomba? Or Trying to find Cavoodle puppies in Gold Coast? Serenity Bay has happy, healthy and well-bred Cavoodle & Spoodle puppies for sale available now! Browse through our available puppies and upcoming litters today!