About Us

About Our Breeding Programme

At Serenity Bay our aim is to produce healthy, well-adjusted Cavoodles who start to set a standard for the breed. Our mission and goal are to have this beautiful breed recognised within this country as a pure bred. We have been breeding Cavoodles for 15 years and find they are a lovely mix if the two parent breeds when crossed correctly.

All of our parents under go full health testing including DNA, hips, heart and eyes before they commence breeding. In doing this we aim to ensure that the pups produced are healthy and free from disease that can plague the parent breeds.

Cavoodles are the family pet for people who have allergies but still want the temperament of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.  They are smart, loving, easy going, great with kids and extended family (including their pets). They suit the active and not so active lifestyle and transition easily into any family. 

On our Facebook page you can view and chat with previous families that we maintain contact with as our pups grow.   We are with you every step of the way from the moment you choose your new family member to our weekly updates, advice and support in each stage. This continues when you get a Cavoodle puppy from us and after they go home to begin their lives with you. They start with a comprehensive puppy pack from us to help with the transition. When you welcome a pup from serenity bay into your house you become part of our extended family and receive a lifetime of support.

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