Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

About Cavoodles

What type of coat / coats do cavoodles have ?

Cavoodles may take after either parent when it comes to their coat. A shorter curly coat means that the Cavoodle’s Poodle genetics is more dominant. If your Cavoodle’s coat is of a longer length and silkier, then the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel genetics are more dominant. Both coat types require the same levels of care, and the differences between them are more or less cosmetic (although Poodle coats will often shed less than a Cavalier’s coat.



How big do cavoodles get ?

Why is the cavoodle the perfect family dog ?

Cavoodles are family dogs through and through, often becoming very protective over their family. They will bond very strongly with everyone in the family and other pets around the home. They are fantastic with small children, as they aren’t large enough to cause harm during play. 

Cavoodles crave affection and validation from their family they aim to please, and work hard to ensure that their owner is happy. Another reason why this breed is so nice and easy to train.  The Cavoodle breed in general has a learning drive and capacity that is based around their enthusiasm to do right by their owners..



Cavoodle puppies can be classed into two  main catergories, depending on what breed of Poodle they come from. Toy Poodles result in Cavoodles that stand at 28 – 35cm when fully grown, while Miniature Poodles breed Cavoodles that stand slightly higher at 33 – 45 cm. Height difference isn’t super significant between 10 and 20cm, but it helps when identifying the breed and classing of your Cavoodle.

Typically  a Cavoodle can weigh anywhere between 5 – 12 kgs and have a lifespan of 10 to 14 years.



What colours do cavoodles come in ?

Cavoodles come in a range of colours and amoung those colours, they come in several different patterns. Colours include chestnut, apricot, black, white and occasionally rust or ruby red. Solid colour cavoodles are very common, but it is also just as common to see a bi-coloured or a tri-coloured Cavoodle as well. It is not uncommon tp see Cavoodles with a mix of colours. Bi-coloured Cavoodles have two colours ( such as tan or black ) and tri-coloured Cavoodles rock three separate colours ( the most notable of which is red, black, and white ).


What is the cavoodles personality and behavior like ?

Cavoodles are intelligent, gentle dogs who make the perfect companion for owners both young and old. They are even tempered, people – oriented and will get along with everyone in the family inclusive of other pets. Cavoodles are smart and aware of their surroundings, where they know how to adapt to the role of watchdog, barking at any strangers approaching. or to the extent of letting their guard down after assessing the situation of newcomers proving themselves to be dog lovers. Cavoodles get along easily with new people and other animals.

Cavaoodles love attention, they will rely on a range of adorable tactics to entice every family member to play or cuddle.They may suffer separation anxiety from time to time as they are the breed of dog that does not like to feel bored or lonely.

Because Cavoodles are the product of two breeds with extremely different personalities, it can be difficult to predict what your puppy will be like. Some Cavoodles take more of an independent streak inherited from their Poodle genetics. Other pups act exactly like their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parent relaxed and less energetic.

Quick Facts :

  • Height – 20 – 35cm ( depending on size Poodle parent )
  • Weight – 5 – 12Kgs ( depending on size of Poodle parent )
  • Lifespan – 10 – 14 years
  • Country of Origin USA or Australia (contested)
  • Breed – Cavoodle , Cavapoo
  • Breed Type – Hybrid 

Best breed for:

  • Families with children and other pets ,
  • First time dog owners / Single owners.
  • People with allergies who find it hard to tolerate certain breeds of dogs.

Why is the cavoodle a great choice for allergy sufferers ?

The Cavoodle is an allergy-sufferers dream, their coat is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. This unique blend of coats creates and easy to maintain, low shed fur that people with allergies may find easier to be around. For this primary reason the Cavoodle is the perfect breed dog for anyone as their coat may be easier to tolerate. If you suffer from allergies to dogs, spending a number of days with a Cavoodle will tell you right away if the dog is right for you.

They are small dogs, which are hypoallergenic and require daily walks to remain a happy and healthy breed, they are a solid choice for any family or single person who may suffer specific fur or dog related allergies.

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