How To Groom a Cavoodle

Poodles and Cavaliers both have a wide variety of coat colours, which is why Cavoodles come in pretty much any variety imaginable – straight or curly fur and in most colours, including black, white, apricot and ruby. 

There are four coat types of the Cavoodle: wool (Poodle coat), fleece, shaggy and straight (Cavalier). Depending on how much of the Poodle genes are expressed in your Cavoodle, your grooming routine will vary. For example, Cavoodles with Poodle-like coats, will shed less and require more combing to prevent tangles and mats. Cavoodles with more of a straight (Cavalier) coat, on the other hand, will require brushing to remove dander. Either way, you’ll want to brush or comb your Cavoodle a couple of times per week, a bath about once a month is also standard Cavoodle care. Read our Cavoodle grooming tips to keep your furry friend looking its best!

Introducing Cavoodle Grooming Styles

Maintaining the cleanliness and healthiness of their coats also extends to frequent brushing. Whether your Cavoodle’s coat is wool, fleece, shaggy or straight, you’ll need to brush them regularly to keep their coat free from tangles, matting, and debris. Brushing not only removes loose fur and keeps the coat looking neat, but it also helps distribute skin oils across the coat, keeping it healthy.

Now let’s move on to Cavoodle grooming styles, more specifically, the Cavoodle haircuts.

The Teddy Bear Clip

This style brings out your Cavoodle’s adorable side. The teddy bear clip has uniform length all over the body, similar to the puppy cut, but the hair on the face is kept longer, rounded out using scissors and thinning shears. This creates an endearing fluffy teddy bear look that’s hard to resist.

The Puppy Cut

The puppy cut is one of the most popular Cavoodle grooming styles due to its low maintenance and easy-to-achieve nature. With this style, the hair length is kept uniform on the body and legs, while the face and ear hairs can be kept slightly longer. This style gives your Cavoodle the irresistible look of a puppy, regardless of their age.

The Summer Cut

 Perfect for warmer months, the summer cut involves keeping the hair short and even all over the body and face. This cut is simple to achieve and helps your Cavoodle stay cool during those hot summer days.

How to Groom a Cavoodle Face

In addition to keeping their coat nice and healthy, you’ll also want to keep your Cavoodle’s face and ears clean, this will prevent face staining and ear infections. It can also be helpful to trim the hair around your Cavoodle’s eyes and mouth. For those looking to learn more about how to groom a Cavoodle face, regularly wiping their eyes with a clean, damp cloth also helps to keep them clean and healthy.

Specific Cavoodle Grooming Tips: The Need For Regular Grooming

If your Cavoodle has hair more like the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, it will need regular baths every couple of weeks, followed by a rigorous brushing to keep the tangles away and at bay. If the dog’s hair is more like a Poodle, brushing will need to take place more frequently, and daily brushing to keep mats at bay – and the brushing this type of fur will need to involve brushing that goes to the depth of skin level or the mats will still remain.

Tear stains, something common with both parent breeds of the Cavoodle, it is recommended to wash under the eyes daily to keep this unsightly problem at bay. It is always a positive if when at the groomer’s you ask the groomer to cut the dog’s hair shorter than normal to reduce the time you spend with a brush in your hand.

As a rule of thumb, a Cavoodle should get a full groom and trim every six weeks. But shorter grooming sessions, involving bathing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, should happen at least every two weeks.

It’s recommended to start grooming at a young age, as this will make your grooming and care routine much easier and enjoyable for both you and the pup. Make the first few sessions more about bonding and less about grooming to help your furry friend get used to the process.

Wondering How to Groom a Cavoodle With Matted Fur?

Cavoodles with strong poodle genes are prone to have curly coats, making their fur prone to tangling and matting. One of the best ways to manage this is by brushing them several times a week. And here’s a bonus – brushing your Cavoodle is a great bonding activity. Spending this quality time together can strengthen your bond with your four-legged friend.

Choosing the right tool is one of the most crucial Cavoodle grooming tips. A two-sided dog brush with a wire side for detangling and a bristle side for shine would be perfect. Start with smaller, manageable areas, and work your way up. Beginning at the back legs is often the best approach. Remember to be very gentle when brushing around their face, as the eye area is sensitive.

Matted fur, especially, can be a pain. It’s not just unsightly but also uncomfortable for your Cavoodle. That being said, if you notice matted fur, don’t panic. Take a deep breath, arm yourself with a special de-matting comb, and work on it slowly. Patience is key here! If your Cavoodle gets fussy, allow them a break, and try again later. You might even want to reward them with a healthy treat for their patience during the grooming session.

One important Cavoodle grooming tip to prevent matted fur is to avoid bathing your Cavoodle before detangling their fur. Bathing can cause the fur to tighten and worsen the matting. So, always address the issue on their dry fur.

Final Thoughts on Cavoodle Grooming

Learning how to groom a Cavoodle is not only a necessity for their physical health but it’s also an excellent way to strengthen your bond with them. By paying attention to your dog’s reactions during grooming, you can tailor the experience to ensure it’s comfortable and stress-free for them.