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Serenity Bay Puppies is a licensed Cavoodle breeder. All of our puppies come with a health check and DNA screening for genetic issues relevant to the breed to ensure you are getting the happiest, healthiest puppy.

Why a Cavoodle Puppy?

There are many reasons to choose a Cavoodle as your next pet. For one, Cavoodles are known for being low-shedding and hypoallergenic, making them a great choice for those with allergies. Secondly, Cavoodles are intelligent and easily trained, meaning they make great family pets. Finally, Cavoodles are affectionate and loving companions who will bring joy and happiness into your life. Scroll down to see our available and upcoming litters of Cavoodle puppies.

If you are interested in getting a Cavoodle puppy, be sure to have a browse through our new puppies! If you feel like you have found your puppy, or you would like more information, fill out our Enquiry Form today!

Bringing Your Puppy Home

If you have made the exciting decision to bring home a Cavoodle puppy, there are a few things to think about and be prepared for. We have put together some useful information for you to make sure you and your puppy form a loving bond.

The Puppy Pack

To help the settling in process for both you and your new puppy into its new loving home, your puppy comes with some of the essentials. Your puppy will come with a ‘Puppy Pack’ from Serenity Bay Puppies that consists of:

  • A collar and lead
  • Worming tablets
  • A flea & tick tablet
  • 2kg bag of dog food (or a voucher for 2kg worth of food if you live interstate)
  • A blanket
  • An information pack on your puppy’s first year
  • A vet health check, DNA screening & a vaccination booklet
  • 6 weeks free pet insurance

Training Your Puppy

Cavoodles are intelligent and easily trained dogs, making them a popular choice for families. The key to successful cavoodle training is consistency and positive reinforcement. Like all dogs, cavoodles need plenty of exercise, so make sure to incorporate vigorous playtime into your daily routine. Start training your cavoodle as early as possible, using treats or praise to reward good behaviour. Be patient and firm with your commands, and always end on a positive note. With time and patience, you will have a well-trained cavoodle that is a joy to be around.

What to Feed Your Puppy

Once you have gone through the bag of food we have provided you with, you will need to purchase more to keep your puppy happy. Ideally, Cavoodle puppies should be eating a premium, small breed formula of dog food specifically for puppies. When they get a bit older, you can move them off the puppy formula.

Some examples of premium food brands are:

  • Hills Science Diet
  • Advance
  • Royal Canin
  • Ivory Coat
  • Ziwi Peak

Grooming Your Puppy

Your grooming routine will be dependent on the prominence of the Poodle genes expressed in your puppy. Because they are non-shedding, Cavoodles with more Poodle in them require regular combing and grooming to prevent tangles and mats in their fur. If your Cavoodle has a more Cavalier coat, they will require brushing to remove dander.

All Cavoodles require brushing or combing a couple of times a week and a bath roughly once a month. We recommend taking your puppy to the groomers every 6 weeks to get all of this done and make sure their coat stays healthy. Every few months (especially in warmer weather), asking the groomer to cut their coat shorter will not only keep them cooler but will make it easier for you to comb or brush them.

Tear stains are common for this breed. We recommend gently washing under their eyes daily to reduce tear stains.

Breed Information


Other Names


Health & Lifespan

10 - 14 years


Cavoodles are considered a small breed.

At Serenity Bay Puppies, we have two sizes of puppies available:

Toy: 5 - 8kg in weight, 28cm - 38cm in height

Mini: 7 - 15kg in weight, 35cm - 45cm in height

Energy Level

Medium to low

Tendency to Bark



Red, White, Caramel, Black, Brown

Social Needs


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