Caramel Cavoodle Puppies

If you are looking for a dog that has a long lifespan and has little to no health issues, is great with kids, super smart, and easy to train, a caramel Cavoodle is just the dog for you. Enquire now to find out more information about available and upcoming caramel Cavoodle litters.

What is a Cavoodle?

A Cavoodle is a cross between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Miniature Poodle. A Cavoodle is a type of designer dog that is created by crossing a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel with a Poodle. Cavoodles are known for their intelligence, affectionate nature, and low-shedding coat. These dogs make great companion animals. Cavoodles come in a variety of colours, and at Serenity Bay puppies, we are licenced Cavoodle breeders and have a range of colours available. Some of the colours we have available include:

Caramel Cavoodle Temperament

Cavoodles are social dogs and make a great addition to a household with young children or existing pets. They are a truly gentle breed and are very affectionate and loving towards their families. Their loyalty, obedience, and the bond they develop with their human companions make them very trainable dogs. The temperament of a Cavoodle puppy comes from both parents. They are the perfect companion for any age!


As a highly intelligent breed, Cavoodles are easy to train and tend to be great learners. When training your Cavoodle, make sure you provide them with lots of positive reinforcement and be patient with him or her. Their need for constant stimulation can be challenging, but ensuring you provide them with toys and training is a great way to keep their brains working.

Health & Lifespan

Although classified as a ‘designer dog’, as a small mixed-breed Cavoodles benefit from the genetic diversity that comes with having parents of different breeds. This means that health issues are less common among these dogs. Additionally, you will get to enjoy your Cavoodle for a long time because the average lifespan for these dogs is 10 to 14 years!

Family Pet

Caramel Cavoodles make the perfect family pet! They are very loyal and obedient, and they are great with children! Plus, their smaller stature makes them an ideal inside dog!

Caramel Cavoodle Puppy for Sale Queensland

If you are looking for a Caramel Cavoodle puppy in Queensland, Serenity Bay Puppies is the place to come. Our high-quality Cavoodle puppies undergo DNA testing and come with a health guarantee that ensures you have a healthy, happy new family member!

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DNA Testing

All our puppies undergo DNA testing and screening for genetic diseases that are relevant to their breed. Additionally, our dogs are temperament tested to ensure only the best tempered dogs are bred.

All puppies come microchipped, vaccinated, undergo a complete health check and come with a Health Guarantee.

Caramel Cavoodle Puppy Qld - FAQs

What is a first-generation Cavoodle?

A first-generation Cavoodle is a cross between a purebred Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a purebred Poodle. They come in two sizes, toy (smaller) and mini (larger). At Serenity Bay Puppies, all our Cavoodles are first-generation puppies.

Are Cavoodles high-maintenance?

Cavoodles require regular grooming. We recommend grooming your Cavoodle every 6 weeks to ensure your dog’s coat does not get matted.

Do Cavoodles shed?

So far, our puppies have been completely non-shedding, but we like to say low-shedding just in case. Because they do not shed, Cavoodles are considered to be hypo-allergenic.

Upcoming Litters & Available Caramel Cavoodle Puppies

Bella's Spoodles

  •  Breed –  First Generation Spoodles
  • Sex –  3 Male and 1 female
  • DOB – 19th May 2022
  • Colour – Black, black and white, red abstract
  • Microchip – TBA
  • RPBA – 7394
  • Vacinations – C3 @ 6 wks
  • Country of Origin – Australia
coming soon, newborn, baby-2818254.jpg

Ava's Spoodles

  •  Breed – 1st Gen Spoodles
  • Sex –  
  • DOB – 15th of June 2022
  • Colour – Ruby
  • Microchip – TBA
  • RPBA – 7394
  • Vacinations – C3 @ 6 wks
  • Country of Origin – Australia


Addisons Miniature Labradoodles

  •  Breed –  Miniature Labradoodles
  • Sex –  4 female and 4 male
  • DOB – 30th of May
  • Colour –  Red and Apricot
  • Microchip –   TBA
  • RPBA – 7394
  • Vacination – C3 @ 6 weeks
  • Country of Origin – Australia

MJs Boy's

  •  Breed – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Sex –  5 Males
  • DOB – 24th of May 2022
  • Colour – 3 Tri & 2 Blenheim
  • Microchip – TBA
  • RPBA – 7394
  • Vacinations – C3 @ 6 weeks
  • Country of Origin – Australia
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