Mini Cavoodle Puppies

Why Mini Cavoodles?

Serenity Bay Puppies is where the journey of finding your perfect mini cavoodle begins! If you're on the hunt for a pet that embodies charm, intelligence, and hypoallergenic properties, you're in the right place. Learn about our mini cavoodle puppies and discover the joy they can bring to your home.

Cavoodles have been a popular choice for families for some time. Mini Cavoodles, due to their smaller size, can be a practical option for various living spaces. If you're considering a pet that is affectionate and suitable for both large and small families, then a mini cavoodle would be a wonderful choice. So, when looking for a manageable-sized pet, it's worth checking out when there's a mini cavoodle for sale at Serenity Bay Puppies. Their size makes them easy to care for, and they can fit as a delightful addition to many households. 

From brown cavoodles to black cavoodles and more, you are sure to find a puppy that’s perfect for you. 

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Licensed Mini Cavoodle Breeders in Qld

Having bred Cavoodles for over 15 years, Serenity Bay Puppies stands out among the rest. Our mini cavoodles aren't just pets; they're family. Every mini cavoodle that comes from our loving home is healthy, well-adjusted, and set to bring joy to their new family.

Our mission is clear: to set the standard for the breed and work towards getting this beautiful dog recognised as a purebred within the country. When you choose a mini cavoodle from us, you know you’re in good hands. 

It’s also worth noting that our expertise in breeding extends beyond mini cavoodles. For example, our mini spoodle puppies are growing in popularity.

Our Commitment to Health

Your mini cavoodle's health is our topmost priority. Before breeding, all our parent dogs undergo thorough health testing. This includes DNA tests, hip evaluations, heart check-ups, and eye examinations. It's all in our unwavering commitment to ensure that ourmini cavoodle puppiesare robust, healthy, and free from any genetic diseases that might affect their parent breeds.

Characteristics of Mini Cavoodle Puppies

Mini cavoodles for sale are often sought after for their brilliant nature, especially for families with allergy concerns. Mini cavoodles, in particular, are adored for being smart, loving, easy-going, and fantastic with kids and other family pets. Whether your household is bustling with activity or leans more towards the quiet side, a mini cavoodle will fit right in. They are versatile, adaptable, and ever-eager to shower their love on everyone they meet.

What Sets Serenity Bay Puppies Apart

Over a Decade of Experience

With 15 years of experience under our belts, our knowledge in breeding mini cavoodles is second to none. We pride ourselves on being experts in the field, and our satisfied customers stand testament to our expertise and love for these adorable creatures.

 What’s more, is that we have a wealth of knowledge on puppy training. Don't hesitate to explore our valuable training resources, so that you can learn how to train a cavoodle.

Health Guarantee

Every mini cavoodle for sale at Serenity Bay Puppies comes with an assurance of health. Comprehensive tests ensure that you're getting a pup that is not only irresistibly cute but also in peak health.

Your Next Steps to Find a Mini Cavoodle For Sale

Are you convinced that a mini cavoodle is the furry friend you've been looking for? We regularly have mini cavoodle puppies for sale, waiting for their forever home. As dedicated mini cavoodle breeders, we're here to guide and support you every step of the way.

Want to meet your new best friend? Visit our Mini Cavoodle Puppies page or reach out to us directly to know more about the mini cavoodles for sale available.

At Serenity Bay Puppies, each pup is a testament to our love, dedication, and strong commitment to quality. We can't wait to introduce you to our world and hope you'll soon become a part of our ever-growing family of satisfied mini cavoodle owners.

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Available & Upcoming Litters of Mini Cavoodle Puppies

Bella's Spoodles

  •  Breed –  First Generation Spoodles
  • Sex –  3 Male and 1 female
  • DOB – 19th May 2022
  • Colour – Black, black and white, red abstract
  • Microchip – TBA
  • RPBA – 7394
  • Vacinations – C3 @ 6 wks
  • Country of Origin – Australia
coming soon, newborn, baby-2818254.jpg

Ava's Spoodles

  •  Breed – 1st Gen Spoodles
  • Sex –  
  • DOB – 15th of June 2022
  • Colour – Ruby
  • Microchip – TBA
  • RPBA – 7394
  • Vacinations – C3 @ 6 wks
  • Country of Origin – Australia


Addisons Miniature Labradoodles

  •  Breed –  Miniature Labradoodles
  • Sex –  4 female and 4 male
  • DOB – 30th of May
  • Colour –  Red and Apricot
  • Microchip –   TBA
  • RPBA – 7394
  • Vacination – C3 @ 6 weeks
  • Country of Origin – Australia

MJs Boy's

  •  Breed – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
  • Sex –  5 Males
  • DOB – 24th of May 2022
  • Colour – 3 Tri & 2 Blenheim
  • Microchip – TBA
  • RPBA – 7394
  • Vacinations – C3 @ 6 weeks
  • Country of Origin – Australia
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