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About Serenity Bay Puppies

At Serenity Bay, our main goals are to breed healthy puppies that set the standard for Cavoodle breeding in Australia. We want to spread our love for this beautiful breed and have them recognised as purebred in the country. 

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DNA Testing

All our puppies undergo DNA testing to screen them for common genetic issues that are relevant to their breed. Your puppy will come vaccinated with a full vet health check and a health guarantee to make sure you have a happy, healthy puppy for many years to come. 

Our dogs are also temperament tested prior to breeding. This ensures that only the best-tempered dogs are bred, resulting in only the best-tempered puppies! 

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Buy a Cavoodle – Gold Coast

At Serenity Bay, we are ethical dog breeders who pride ourselves on breeding the healthiest and best-tempered dogs in Australia. Unsure whether a Cavoodle is for you? Here are some reasons why one might be perfect!

 A Cavoodle is the perfect family dog. They are super friendly, loving and affectionate and form amazing bonds with their owners. 

If you are looking for an allergy-friendly pet, a Cavoodle might be perfect for you. Their low to non-shedding coat means that they are considered hypoallergenic! 

They are quite social and play well with other dogs, so if you already have a dog or love walks in the dog park, a Cavoodle is a perfect addition to your home!

Cavoodles are easy to train so long as you use positive reinforcement and give them a lot of love, patience, and consistency!

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Dog-Friendly Areas in the Gold Coast

Gold Coast is a truly dog-friendly part of the world! There are lots of places to which you can take your best friend, but we have put together a list of special, off-leash dog beaches and parks for you and your new puppy to explore (after final vaccinations).

1. Paradise Point Foreshore 

Located in the Northernmost part of the Broadwater, this beach is great for fishing, playing fetch, and going for a long stroll!

2. The Spit

This beach has great surfing and suntanning spots, and you have the added bonus of taking awesome snaps of your furry friend with a city/beach background. 

3. Tallebudgera Beach

This is a very popular dog beach, so your dog will have plenty of friends to play with! Take them down for a swim, run, or play. 

4. Tallebudgera Dog Island

If you don’t want to let your Cavoodle puppy off-leash without a barrier from the road, Tallebudgera dog island is the perfect place for you! It is not fenced in, but it is surrounded by water, so they won’t run away!

5. Gold Coast Botanic Gardens 

An awesome place for dog parents and parents with small children, your Cavoodle will be the perfect dog to take to this busy area. With lots of options to play and socialise, you will be keeping your puppy happy, stimulated, and exercised. 

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