Puppy Training

Training Your Cavoodle

Owing to the Cavoodle’s intelligence, training can be an enjoyable bonding experience for the both of you.Cavoodles have the ability to learn commands you introduce to them, and you’ll have a fun and rewarding time exploring the many more tricks that your Cavoodle can learn.

The key to training a Cavoodle is to facitlitate the use of positivity and patience. Cavoodles are usually obedient dogs, but they can have an independent streak. Provide plenty of treats and verbal encouragement, and your Cavoodle will come around and adapt to the training sessions in no time.

Once you have developed a strong relationship with your Cavoodle, they’ll amaze you with their ability to rapidly adapt and learn new tricks, And by setting up a regular training routine, you’ll be providing you dog with the mental stimulation it needs to be happy and engaged.

The Cavoodle’s need to be constantly stimulated can be difficult for the first time owners, the best thing to do is to focus on toys and training that allows your dog to work their mental muscles. A Cavoodle has the capability to learn many different tricks, ranging from very simple to even more complex tasks such as opening doors and fetching the paper.

Because of their small stature and size, Cavoodles are the perfect dog for indoor obstacle courses and other games. However, you will need patience, as even this smart breed takes time to learn and adapt to new things.