How to Train a Cavoodle: The Ultimate Guide

Owing to the Cavoodle’s intelligence, training can be an enjoyable bonding experience for the both of you. Cavoodles have the ability to learn commands you introduce to them, and you’ll have a fun and rewarding time exploring the many more tricks that your Cavoodle can learn. From positive reinforcement to toilet training your Cavoodle, read on for more information about Cavoodle training!

Positivity and Patience: Key Elements in Cavoodle Puppy Training

Many professional trainers recommend positive reinforcement as the number one method for cavoodle puppy training. This method focuses on praising your puppy when they do something right, instead of punishing them when they get something wrong.

Cavoodles are usually obedient dogs, but they can have an independent streak. When your cavoodle successfully follows a command or accomplishes a new task, be sure to pet them, praise them, and occasionally reward them with a treat. These acts of positivity reinforce their good behaviour, ensuring that your Cavoodle will come around and adapt to the training sessions in no time.

Cavoodle Training Tips for First-time Owners

If you’re a first-time Cavoodle owner, don’t fret! Here are some handy tips on how to train a Cavoodle, to guide you through this wonderful new journey.

Utilising Toys For Cavoodle Training

The Cavoodles need to be constantly stimulated can be difficult for the first time owners, the best thing to do is to focus on toys and training that allows your dog to work their mental muscles. A Cavoodle has the capability to learn many different tricks, ranging from very simple to even more complex tasks such as opening doors and fetching the paper.


Another critical component in how to train a Cavoodle is maintaining consistency in your commands and reactions. Avoiding the use of multiple words for the same command can prevent confusion, leading to more effective Cavoodle training. If you live with others, it’s also crucial to ensure that all household members are on board with your training methods and commands to provide a uniform experience for your Cavoodle.

Variety of Rewards

While treats can be a valuable tool in positive reinforcement, they shouldn’t be the sole reward in your Cavoodle puppy training. Over-reliance on treats can lead to health problems, including obesity. A good belly rub or a simple word of praise can be just as effective at reinforcing good behaviour. You can also mix up the rewards, alternating between treats, praise, and physical affection.

Indoor Training and Patience: The Road to Toilet Training a Cavoodle

Because of their small stature and size, Cavoodles are the perfect dog for indoor obstacle courses and other games. However, you will need patience, as even this smart breed takes time to learn and adapt to new things.

Pick a Spot – and Stick to It

Choose a designated toilet spot for your Cavoodle and be consistent with it. It could be a particular corner of your garden, a backyard, or a specific indoor area. This consistency will help your puppy remember and associate its toilet place.

Create a Routine

Dogs, like humans, are creatures of habit. So, take your Cavoodle to its toilet area at set times during the day. Over time, your puppy will learn when it’s time to go to the toilet and will wait for those moments.

Reward, Reward, Reward

Positive reinforcement is key in how to train a Cavoodle. Reward your puppy every time it does something right, like going to the toilet in the right place. A reward can be a word of praise, a belly rub, or even their favourite treat.

Patience and No Punishment

Training your Cavoodle should never involve punishment or yelling. This will only make your puppy stressed and fearful. If your Cavoodle has an accident and goes in the wrong place, simply ignore it. Clean it without making a fuss and use a proper product to eliminate the urine odour so your Cavoodle doesn’t go back to the same spot attracted by the smell.

Building a Strong Bond: The Outcome of Effective Cavoodle Training


Once you have developed a strong relationship with your Cavoodle, they’ll amaze you with their ability to rapidly adapt and learn new tricks. Effective training also ensures that your Cavoodle is mentally stimulated and happy. A well-trained dog is a well-behaved and content dog. So by meeting their intellectual needs through training, you’re promoting their overall well-being, contributing to a happier and healthier relationship. Learning how to train a Cavoodle is a win-win situation for everyone involved!